At myDentist West Ryde, we strive for quality dental care. This includes one on one personalised care, where treatment needs are clearly explained and understood, and fees are fair.
Dr Isaac Suh aims to provide quality dental care at reasonable costs.

What Drives us?

Hello I am Dr Isaac Suh,
With over 9 years of experience in the dental field, I have come to realise that many patients do not receive honest, quality care. Quality care is not about the providing the best dental treatment but in providing the best option that suits the patient.
It is difficult to know or understand what is really required for our mouths and often it is left to the dentist to decide for us, and I have seen many patients faced with big bills and payment plans, undiagnosed conditions and poor treatment planning
I believe quality care is not only in the quality of product or service, but in offering the best option for the patient, in which the patient can understand the need for the treatment and its long term/short term prognosis.

Why Choose Us?

At myDentist West Ryde, it is my promise to offer treatment options to you that I would desire for my own mother or father, or my own children.
We aim to make treatments affordable to you, without compromising on quality or care. 

Do you feel afraid to visit your dentist?

You are not alone, I have seen many patients who have avoided the dentist due to fear of visiting the dentist. This is a phobia that arises from previous dental memories, often from childhood. The approach to dentistry has changed over the years. Treatments have improved over the years and dentistry has evolved.
Through my experience, phobia has arisen from past poor dental experience and the fear of unknown. I have seen many patients transform, and many have become life long patients who have further referred their family to me.
If you are contemplating whether to visit the dentist, you may firstly wish to visit our clinic for a free tour and get to meet our friendly team, please contact us on 8041 0184 and I am happy for you to familiarise yourself before you commit to any treatment.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly team. The visit will usually begin with a consultation with Dr Isaac where you can express your concerns and goals.
An oral examination and x-rays (if required) will then take place and then further discussion will follow afterwards.
After Dr Isaac has understood your needs, he will offer the best treatment options for you, and explain the costs associated with it. We are transparent with our fees, and promise to not exceed any quoted amount

Come in for a free tour to see if myDentist West Ryde is suitable for you

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