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Like any surgical treatment, we totally understand your concerns. Dental implants are a big investment both in monetary terms and in your oral health, which is why it’s perfectly reasonable to ask the question “are dental implants safe?”

Dental implants are a well-established dental treatment that has been in use since the 1960s and the technology used to drive them has improved considerably in that time. Furthermore, since implants are generally made from titanium, there is little chance of the body rejecting them.    

However, like any surgery, dental implant surgery does come with the risk of complications and side-effects. While these are rare occurrences, at MyDentist West Ryde, we carry out thorough medical and oral screening to assess pre-surgical eligibility to lower the risk of implant failure. 


What are the risks associated with dental implants?

The majority of risks connected with the implants procedure are more to do with dental implant surgery than the implant itself. Side effects and problems are rare and include:

  • Nerve damage –  On occasions, it has been known for an implant to be placed incorrectly. This can result in nerve damage that causes tingling, pain, or numbness in the structures of the mouth. 
  • Infection – Infection is mostly in the hands of the patient and it’s up to them to practise meticulous oral hygiene to avoid infection. 
  • Problems with the sinuses – Digital imaging is essential to assist the dentist to place your implant correctly and precisely during dental implant surgery. If it’s not placed correctly in the upper jaw, for instance, it could impinge on the sinus cavity which, in turn, could cause the implant to loosen and infection to occur.

Other risks during dental implant surgery are injuries to the blood vessels and surrounding teeth. 


People who may experience adverse side-effects

Patients who have other types of metal in their mouths such as gold fillings may experience a reaction between the different types of metal, known as galvanic toxicity. The result may be an uncomfortable electric charge. 

Occasionally people are allergic to titanium, and this being the case, Zirconia implants may be a better option.

Patients with auto-immune diseases are also at an increased risk of complications from implants. This is something that needs to be talked about with your dentist so you can reach a decision together.

Aside from the risks and side-effects associated with dental implants, another important factor to consider is the dentist you choose for your dental implants.

Are Dental Implants Safe?The Importance of Working with an Experienced Dental Practitioner

It’s imperative to choose a dentist that is highly experienced in dental implants and can boast a high success rate. He or she will ensure that you meet all the necessary criteria before going ahead with the implants procedure. 

This is extremely important because not everyone is suitable for dental implants and certain patients have a greater risk of dental implant failure. 

To qualify for dental implants a person needs to have a good supply of healthy bone. When teeth are lost, the bone is no longer stimulated and over time this leads to jawbone deterioration. Like natural teeth, dental implants rely on the support of bone to hold them in place. 

What if you don’t have enough bone? Well, the good news is that your dentist may be able to perform a bone graft. This incurs a separate surgery and with it, an increased risk of infection. However, an experienced practitioner will be able to manage any risk of bacteria entering the site. 

People who may be at risk of a poor outcome include:

You may still be a good candidate with any of the above conditions, but we will want to assess your situation thoroughly and work with you and your doctor to improve your health and functionality.


The Importance of Using High-Quality Dental Implants

Not only is working with an experienced dental practitioner key to a successful outcome but so is the choice of dental implants. These need to be of a high-quality, with a reliable track record. 

Like your real teeth, they have to withstand a lot of pressure during biting and chewing while also feeling comfortable and natural. 

Implant corrosion happens when implants start to wear. They feel uncomfortable and this is usually a sign that they need replacing. A high-quality implant will be less likely to corrode and should have a longer lifespan. 

If you’re still questioning are dental implants safe, then why not come and talk to the experienced dentists at MyDentist West Ryde. We provide high-quality digital dental implants which have all the benefits of conventional implants plus more besides. These include:

  • Shorter dental implant surgery
  • Digital technology for less risk 
  • Fewer visits for greater convenience

Utilising the latest digital technology to pre-plan the angle and depth at which we place dental implants, we avoid any nearby nerves. We also use a computerised surgical guide enabling us to place implants with more accuracy so in many cases, they can be considered less of a risk. 


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