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There are several options for teeth replacement. Two of the most common options are a dental bridge and an implant. But which is the best treatment for you and how do you choose between a dental bridge vs an implant?

While dental implants are widely considered the best form of tooth replacement, a decision may be based on whether your tooth loss is recent or if your teeth have been missing for several years.


Viable Reasons For Both

In the past, a dental bridge would have been your only choice. Unfortunately, this involves reshaping adjacent healthy teeth to fabricate the bridge. However, when opting for dental implants, the dentist simply replaces the tooth for a result that is permanent and stronger.

That said, if your neighboring teeth have large fillings and may require dental crowns in the future, a dental bridge could be your best option.

If your teeth have been missing for several years, bone loss will have occurred, and this could mean a bone graft is necessary before implants can be placed.

Other considerations

While there are practical reasons for both options, dental implants inch ahead for other factors:

  • Oral care is easier to maintain – simply brush and floss an implant the same as you do your other teeth
  • Dental implants are strongersecurely fitting into the jawbone
  • Eat what you want – no restrictions on the types of food you eat

While the initial cost of dental implants is higher than that of a dental bridge, over time, they are very cost-effective.


So, Dental Bridge vs Implant, What’s It To be?

We recommend you make your decision after talking things through with your dentist. Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out more about dental implants and whether you are a suitable candidate, why not schedule a consultation with myDentist West Ryde or contact (02) 8073 9338. We provide digital dental implants that are faster, safer, and more accurate for our patients.

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