Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns 

Dental crowns (or a cap) provides the best strength, longevity and appearance for a tooth that is compromised. No other part of our body undergo as much stress and strain on a daily basis as much as our teeth. With years of mastication and our increasing average life expectancy, our teeth often require numerous repairs. A tooth that would otherwise require an eventual extraction can be saved if a crown is placed earlier on it prior to excessive disease or deterioration.

Are there any other cheaper options?
Yes. If a broken tooth is structurally sound enough to bond a direct restoration (filling) then it is possible to get similar longevity of use as crowns. It is best to get a professional opinion first before deciding which option to take to invest into your mouth

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What are the price of dental crowns?
Dental crown cost varies according to how broken down a tooth is and the type of crown required. On average a full coverage Australian made crown with a ceramicist including temporary crown is $1500-$1800. However usually a dental visit doesn’t comprise of the cap alone. An initial consultation fee and an x-ray may cost up to $100. It is important for a qualified professional to diagnose the tooth condition prior to any crown construction in order to ensure longevity of such investment. At myDentist West Ryde our fees are transparent and will not exceed any quoted amount.

Why are crowns more expensive in Australia than overseas?
Generally the running costs of a dental surgery in Australia are significantly higher than most parts of the world. The overheads in Australia such as leasing costs, material charges, hiring staff and running strict infection control protocols and sterilisation are some of the reasons why a dental crown is more costly than other countries.
A crown price include ceramicist’s fees, courier charges, impression materials, temporary crown materials, and dentist labour charges.

Do I really need a dental crown?
When it comes to longevity, the material of dental crowns are significantly superior over fillings. If saving the tooth is your priority then it is important a strong resilient material, such as ceramics, cover the entire biting surface of the tooth like a shell. This acts like a helmet for the tooth and can withstand the forces of chewing. Fillings while cheaper and quicker, often require deep tooth removal and leave teeth with weakened structure hence increasing the risk of fracture. If a tooth is strong enough to be restored with a filling, there can be significant savings. It is best to discuss with a qualified professional what treatment and investment is best for your tooth.

Do you accept payment plans?
Yes we provide flexible interest free payment plans over 6 or 12 months, with a fortnightly or monthly debit. Just tell us your preferred payment plan

Who will undertake the treatment?
All treatment is undertaken at myDentist West Ryde by Dr Isaac Suh, highly experienced dental practitioner providing dental care for over 10 years and constructed over 900 successful crowns for patients. He is also the clinic director and is committed to ensuring aftercare is provided to patients

Will there be warranty provided for crowns?
After service and patient care is our priority. Dr Isaac provides 5 year replacement warranty on dental crowns, please ask us for our warranty information

When would I need a dental crown?
1. Functional reason:
Dental crowns are the best restorative option for teeth that are weakened either by cracks or fractures (usually molars) or large cavities from dental disease. Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy are much weaker and prone to fractures over time and thus should be protected with a crown.
2. Cosmetic reason:
Teeth that have darkened or are in poor anatomical shape affecting smile cosmetics can also be crowned to restore its natural appearance and improve the overall smile aesthetics.

What materials are crowns made of?
Materials vary from ceramics, metals to a combination of both depending on its purpose. For example cosmetic crowns are best in E.max (lithium disilicate) or Zirconia (mimics natural tooth) and posterior teeth that primarily require strength may be metal or porcelain fused to metal. Your dentist will discuss the best choice accordingly. We usually recommend full ceramics with no metal base

Where are your crowns made from?
All our restorations are made in lab by skilled technicians operating 3D computer assisted design (CAD) and milling. Our Zirconia crowns are made from monolithic zircona blocks which are milled by CAD-CAM and then glazed for superior shine and colour match. Our milling centre is in Killara, Sydney however all our service and aftercare is provided by us at West Ryde

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