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Natural Looking Dentures In West Ryde

One of the most common requests from people needing dentures here in West Ryde is that they want them to be natural. This is understandable as dentures of old probably didn’t have the best reputation.

Thankfully, when it comes to modern dentures, West Ryde patients should know that we take denture appearance very seriously. We offer some of the latest dentures that will fool everyone but your dentist.

From the natural texturing of the base, through to realistic teeth that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, our modern dentures make it very hard to spot the difference.

But what about comfort?

In the past, dentures have had a bad reputation for being uncomfortable in the mouth. Some appeared too big making the face look bulky while others simply didn’t support the face properly, causing it to appear off-kilter.

Here at myDentist West Ryde, Dr Isaac Suh and the team ensure that every aspect of your denture is right. Using the latest scan technology we ensure that our dentures fit not only to your gums but also to your jaw and cheek muscles. In doing so, they create a naturally youthful appearance which our patients simply love.

In addition, our dental care extends to implant-retained dentures at our denture clinic in West Ryde. Patients can be assured that their dentures will always stay in position.

myDentist West Ryde NSW – Patient-centred, family dental care

If you are not happy with your current dentures, West Ryde patients should contact Dr Suh and the team. We take the time to discuss your requirements and deliver a denture that’s designed with you in mind. One that not only feels comfortable but looks great too.

Call myDentist West Ryde today and book a consultation. Let our team help you to restore your perfect smile and your oral health once and for all!




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