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Teeth Grinding in West Ryde – How Our Dentist Can Help

Teeth grinding in West Ryde is an under-diagnosed condition for a good reason – it often occurs during sleep. Unless informed by a bed partner, it’s unlikely that you will be aware of your nocturnal habits. More often than not, the effects of teeth grinding (otherwise known as bruxism) will only be revealed during a routine check-up when they become all too obvious.

Classified as a sleep disorder, teeth grinding involves subconsciously clenching your teeth. Over time this gradually wears down the teeth which can, in turn, cause other problems like headaches, crooked or sensitive teeth, and jaw disorders. Although the exact causes of bruxism are yet to be identified, it’s thought to be closely linked to stress and anxiety.

So how can our West Ryde dentist help with bruxism?

While we can’t directly help with the underlying issues of why someone grinds their teeth – you may need to see a clinical sleep professional for that – we can help with catastrophic events that bruxism can have on your teeth.

An effective bruxism treatment in West Ryde involves a dental splint. These dental devices are designed specifically to be worn in the mouth at night and protect the teeth from the intense force that teeth grinding actions can have.

Here at myDentist West Ride we make use of the latest digital technology to provide perfect fitting dental splints designed specifically for your mouth. Each person’s bite is different and our dental splints ensure maximum protection from teeth grinding force. Designed to fit snugly over your teeth and gums, the soft internal surface rests comfortably against your teeth while the harder outer (occlusal) surface provides protection. Small and discreet they offer the perfect protective solution against teeth grinding in West Ryde.

If you suspect that you or your loved one might be a bruxer, then you may want to talk to your dentist. Identifying bruxism in its early stages can help to greatly reduce the damage caused by the serious impact of teeth grinding. We can also refer you to a clinical sleep professional should the need arise.

Don’t ignore the problem. Instead, book an appointment with Dr Suh and the team at myDentist West Ryde. With our state of the art facilities, modern technology and gentle dental manner we guarantee that you are in safe hands. Visit our website to book an appointment today and let us help you in the fight against teeth grinding in West Ryde.




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