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Tooth Fillings In West Ryde – We’re Mercury Free!

In Australia, most adults have either had a dental filling of will need one in the future. It’s an extremely common procedure, yet it’s still enough to send a shiver down the spine of most people.

Thankfully tooth fillings in West Ryde have come a long way. Because of modern technology and contemporary techniques, getting a dental filling is now quick, easy and comfortable.

Moreover, here at myDentist West Ryde, we offer the latest mercury-free tooth fillings. Unlike the silver amalgam varieties, tooth-coloured composite fillings can be placed to ensure a flawless smile. Aesthetically, they offer the perfect solution but moreover, they are completely safe.

In fact, popping in to have a tooth filling at our West Ryde dental practice during your lunch break or replacing your existing amalgam fillings with tooth-coloured varieties is now a reality. Thanks to our convenient location and technological advancements, we’re able to provide a speedy and efficient service.

When should you have a tooth filling in West Ryde?

Often when a tooth is faced with a barrage of sugary foods and drinks, bacteria and/or poor dental hygiene, the tooth enamel is weakened, broken down and holes known as cavities start to appear. Once a hole/cavity has formed it paves the way for further tooth decay.

One way to patch up the hole and prevent further bacteria from entering is to fit one or more dental fillings. West Ryde patients should know that this is a quick process that only takes a short while

Tooth fillings in West Ryde – What are your choices?

If you need a dental filling, the good news is that you have several choices available to you. However, this can depend upon the location and the extent of your cavity site. Options include:

Composite white fillings

This type of fillings are now the ‘go-to’ material of choice for many dentists including the team at myDentist West Ryde. They tend to adhere to the tooth easier than silver amalgam varieties and blend in with the rest of your smile giving a flawless appearance. The material hardens in a few seconds using a curing light and research has suggested that they are around 90% as strong as natural teeth.

Ceramic inlays

On occasions when the cavity is too extensive for a filling, patients can opt for a ceramic dental inlay. As the name suggests, the ceramic inlay in ‘inlaid’ or cemented into and onto the tooth giving the appearance of a full restoration.

Tooth fillings in West Ryde – Aftercare

Once you have had your dental filling, Dr Suh and the team will give you some aftercare instructions. While our composite fillings will be fully dried and hard by the time you leave our dental clinic, you may still be under the effects of the anaesthetic. For this reason, you may want to avoid any hot foods or drinks until the anaesthetic has worn off, thus preventing scalding.

If you are in need of tooth fillings in West Ryde, then come and talk to the team at myDentist West Ryde. We guarantee that you are in safe, trusting and gentle hands. Call today or visit our website to make an appointment.




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